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The band of the Russian traditional musical instrument

The band of the Russian traditional musical instruments of the Arctic State Institute of Arts and Culture is a vocational musical youth band, the visit card of the Institute. The young musicians of the band and the elder musicians represent the national instrumental art in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and in the Far East at the high level.

Headed by the Art director and conductor Nikolay Pikutskiy the band has twice won the title of the Laureate of the International Competition among vocational orchestras for the years of functioning. It has made a lot of recordings of the concerts in Sakha Broadcasting Company and has a number of compact discs. The repertoire of the band is rich in pieces by Sakha, Russian, foreign composers. There are more than three hundred works in all. The performers are the participants of important events of the town Yakutsk, the republic.

The band is cooperating with contemporary outstanding musicians, performers the traditional instruments such as S.F.Lukin, A.A.Tsygankov, Sh.S Amirov, Y.A.Sidorov, S.I.Arbuzov, A.K.Kapitan, with wearers of the Cup of the world SibDuo A.Sirotkin, A.Bityutskikh. The band team is successfully working with lead singers and performers of the Opera House of Yakutsk. It often tours to the towns of the Far East and the republic of Sakha.

The Institute band is similar by its composition to the main band of traditional instruments of the RF “The N.P.Osipov National Academic Orchestra of Traditional Instruments”. In the composition of the band there are Russian traditional instruments: domra group –piccolo domra, prima domra, viola domra, bass domra, mezzo-soprano; button accordion – concert multi-timbre “Jupiter”; balalaika group of performers – prima balalaika, second balalaika, viola balalaika; double basses; percussion – timpani, bells, marimba, xylophone, noise drums; woodwind: flutes, oboes, keyboard harp.

Specific sounding, technical perfection of traditional instruments allow to perform masterpieces of the world musical classic, the best pieces of contemporary popular music. Adding traditional musical instruments of different cultures to the made up of such a band is welcome for performing of the world’s composers’ pieces.

When the band is giving a concert, the house is full of people. The band’s concert is creating the atmosphere of spiritual comfort and human warmth. The performers and the listeners are full joyfulness. Ovations explode silence……