Join to the International Contemporary Art Contest «Arctic Chronotope-2018».

Want to share your ideas with the world? Welcome to the International Contemporary Art Contest «Arctic Chronotope-2018».

The Contest takes place on December, 05, 2018 till December, 10, 2018. The International art contest is organized by the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts. Applications for participation in the Contest and contest works are accepted until the 10th of November, 2018.

Professional artists, teachers and students of professional educational institutions of culture and arts of Russia and abroad as well as pupils can submit their art works for the international competition. The main goals of the project are to attract young teachers and students to participate in creative art competitions and exhibitions and to increase the artistic level of their art works.  The main reflection of the Triennale is aimed at understanding the geocultural features of the Arctic zone with a special attention paid to the culture of everyday life, identity functioning, metaphorical, imaginative and environmental aspects in art, the structure and metaphorical semantics of the Arctic landscapes and the identity of indigenous peoples of the North.

Works are evaluated according to the following criteria:
1. Professional artists.
2. Emerging artists and students. 
Works must be performed at a high artistic level and reflect the Contest's theme. The Contest involves full-time and part-time participation.

The following art and décor works are allowed for participation in the Contest:

Paintings (academic painting, decorative painting, experimental painting);

Graphics (printed graphics, unique graphics, rare and mixed technique);

Sculpture (round sculpture, relief, ice sculpture);

Art objects (environment, small architectural forms, interior installations, etc.);

Decorative and traditional arts and crafts (artistic metal, artistic bone carving, wood carving, artistic ceramics, jewelry, folk costume, experimental art);

Design (buildings; urban and rural complexes, graphic and digital design, environment and interior design, textiles, costume design, leather accessories, fur and other materials);

Theatre arts (set design, costume, theatrical poster).

The project's aims are to create a positive cultural image of Russia, the Arctic and Yakutia in the world community supporting and promoting modern, relevant areas of art and integration into the world cultural process; to increase the investment and travelling attractiveness of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) with development and promotion of culture and art of the Arctic regions of Russia in the world cultural process; to share experience, improvement of professional artistic level of students and teachers of the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts; to share professional experience with the participants of the exhibition and acquaint new modern achievements of contemporary art, networking with art universities, centers and galleries of Russia and other countries.

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REGULATIONS of the International Contemporary Art Contest «Arctic Chronotope-2018»
Triennale regulations with a program

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